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Remember that no matter where you bought your fur, we will be happy to care for it.

Cold Storage is essential for the proper maintenance of fur garments. Our ultra secure, state of the art temperature and humidity controlled vault is located on the premises for your convenience. Air conditioned homes are not kept cold enough for fur storage. There is no appointment necessary to drop off or pick up your garments. We understand that your fur is a valuable possession to you. We pledge to treat each individual fur with utmost care and attention.

Cleaning and Glazing
Stephen's recommends periodic cleaning for your furs and leathers. Cleaning and glazing removes any make-up, dust, and dirt that may have settled in the garment. Linings also absorb perfumes and odors that may damage or discolor the garment over time. The cleaning process freshens your garment.

Repairs and Alterations
Stephen's offers repairs and alterations at nominal fees.

  • Repair rips, tears, worn areas and seams, linings, pockets
  • Replace closures, hooks, rings, buttons and loops
  • Transform your existing garment into a reversible garment, vest, scarf, head wrap, pillow, keepsake bear
  • Shorten the length of your garment, shorten or lengthen the sleeves, remove extended shoulders, raise or lower armholes
  • Relinings
  • Repair minor tears in leather
  • Shorten sleeves on leather garments

These are just a few of the most commonly requested repairs and alterations. Please call us if you have any other situation not listed above.

Keepsake Bears
Do you have a fur that you have been holding onto for sentimental reasons? Transform grandmother's mink stole into an adorable "Keepsake Bear".

If you insure your fur garment on your homeowner's insurance policy, your insurance company may ask for a periodic updated appraisal of your garment. For a nominal fee, we provide you with a written appraisal for replacement value of the garment you wish to insure. We perform this service regardless of where your garment was purchased.

If you have a fur garment that you are no longer wearing, you may want to consider selling it. Although furs do not appreciate in value over time, your fur may be saleable if it is within a certain age. We will be happy to assess the current value of your garment free of charge. Then you can try selling it on your own or since we often have customers asking for pre-owned furs, we can attempt to sell it for you.

We provide on the premises embroidery services for your fur garment - or any other item that you would like custom embroidered. We have a catalog of over 18,000 designs and a large selection of thread colors from which to choose.

Fur Maintenance Tips

    Furs should be periodically cleaned. Linings and fur absorb odors just as your clothing does.

    Always hang your fur at home in a cool, dry, uncrowded place. Give your fur enough room in the closet.

    Allow a reputable furrier to repair and to clean your fur at the end of the season. Store your fur annually in cold storage over the summer.

    If ever wet or damp, hang in a cool, open room. If wet, do not brush or comb, shake gently to remove excess moisture. Bring your fur to a furrier immediately.

    Have rips or tears repaired without delay.

    Never store fur in a plastic bag. Fur should not be kept in anything airtight. Plastic, especially, stops air circulation which dries things up faster.

Ways to keep your fur newer looking longer

    When wearing the coat, unbutton and raise coat a little to allow give when you sit... do not allow shoulder bags to rub or pull fur.

    Never spray perfume or use cleaning fluid on your fur.

    Do not pin heavy jewelry or flowers on your fur.

    Before sitting down, lift the garment up behind you, rather than grinding the hairs against your body and the seat. This allows you more room to move. It will free your arms without pulling on your sleeves.

    Try not to carry keys in your pockets since they are sharp and will put holes in the pocket material.

    Always be careful when walking up and down stairs with long fur coats.

    Be careful around people smoking cigarettes.

    Be careful around burning candles.

    Use a strong supportive hanger.

    Do not crowd your fur in your closet. Do not hang anything over your fur as it will mat and flatten the fur.

    When dining out, leave the fur side out hanging on the back of the chair. If the waiter accidentally spills something, the fur side of your coat will clean more easily than the lining. Linings can sometimes stain and are not able to be cleaned as well.

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